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A fridge magnet featuring the collaborative artwork ‘Minyipuru ‘ by Martumili Artists Muni Rita Simpson, Rosie Williams and Dulcie Gibbs. Magnets are 1.5mm thick and superior strength magnet to attach card and heavier papers to your fridge or cabinet.

Sisters Muni, Rosie and Dulcie grew up in the Country depicted in this painting. But it is the epic story of the Seven Sisters or Minyipuru, which they have described here. In this story, the old man Yurla, who had been pursuing the sisters, captured one of the women at Parnkarpini, between wells 35 and 36. The Minyipuru tricked him and rescued her.

Poor old fella, he had a rough time. He was trying and trying and trying.

The Minyipuru promised to stay with the old man Yurla but, when he returned from collecting wood, they were floating above his head, teasing him. Yurla made a ladder but the sisters pushed it over and laughed at him. When he collapsed, exhausted, they rescued their sister and flew away.

Name: Rosie Muntararr Williams

Language: Manyjilyjarra

Community: Punmu

Name: Rita Muni Simpson

Language: Manyjilyjarra

Community: Punmu

Name: Dulcie Jugarda Gibbs

Language: Manyjilyjarra

Community: Kunawarritji

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