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Puntawarri, Jilakurru and Kumpupirntily

Set of four tablemats made in heat, stain and scratch resistant melamine with 3.2mm hardboard and cork backing, featuring the collaborative artwork ‘Puntawarri, Jilakurru and Kumpupirntily” by Martumili Artists, and grandmother and granddaughter, Dadda Samson and Judith Samson. 

Puntawarri, Jilakurru and Kumpupirntily are sites in Dadda’s ngurra (home country), which she has painted here with her granddaughter, Judith. Puntawarri is an important cultural area, on the middle stretches of the Canning Stock Route and east of the Jigalong Aboriginal Community, where the artists now live with their family. It is also the site of a now abandoned community, and a creek and lake. Jilakurra (Well 17 on the Canning Stock Route) is a permanent spring, and was a major meeting and ceremonial site in the pujiman (bush dwelling) era. Located here are many significant engravings and rock art, much of which are sacred to Martu people. Kumpupirntily (Lake Disappointment) is a large warla (salt lake) and one of the most sacred and dangerous sites in the far Western Desert. This is where the Ngayurnangalku (cannibal beings) live beneath the lake, surfacing only to feed on human flesh.

Name: Dadda Samson

Language: Kartujarra

Community: Jigalong

Name: Judith Anya Samson

Language: Putijarra

Community: Jigalong

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