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Yarkaalpa Hunting Grounds – Rectangle cufflinks

Rectangular stainless Steel cufflinks printed with a detailed section from the collaborative work ‘Ýarkaalpa Hunting Ground’. Note that each pair of cufflinks from this collection vary, as they are comprised from different sections of the original artwork. This item is handmade in Australia. Each piece is engraved with details of the artist and their artwork.

‘Ýarkaalpa Hunting Ground’ is a collaborative work painted by Martumili Artists Kumpaya Girgiba, Yikartu Bumba, Ngamaru Bidu, Nancy Taylor Karnu, Janice Nixon Yuwali, Reena Rogers, Thelma Judson and Nola Taylor.This painting portrays physical elements of Martu Country, such as the dominant tali (sandhills), warta (trees, vegetation), and water sources. Rock holes, waterholes, soaks and springs were all extremely important sites for Martu people during the pujiman (nomadic bush) era, with many important jukurrpa (dreamtime stories) chronicling the creation of these landmarks. In the past the Martu lived nomadically, moving from water source to water source, and hunting and gathering bush tucker as they went. They would traverse very large distances annually, visiting specific areas in the dry and wet season depending on the availability of water. As they travelled and hunted they would also burn areas of country creating a larger diversity of plant and animal life.

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