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Kaalpa (Well 23)

“Kaalpa is my grandfather ngurra (home) where they walked, hunting bush tuckers. I went there for the first time this year [2018] on a Martumili KJ (Kanyirninpa Jukurrpa) trip. I went hunting there, got a parnajalpa (sand goanna).

When I went there I was pukurlpa (happy). It made you open up your spirt, it feels like home.

It’s got kapi (water) there, a well, jurnu (soak) and tuwa (sandhills)”

– Corban Clause Williams

Kaalpa is a place of great cultural significance, is also referred to as Well 23 on the Canning Stock Route. It is a good hunting place as there is permanent kapi.

Name: Corban Clause Williams

Language: Manyjilyjarra


"My name is Corban Clause Williams. I was born in Newman hospital. Mum, Dad, Nanna and Pop lived in Jigalong before, but they moved into town before I was born. I’m one of seven children. I grew up in Newman- this is my home. I like to travel but I worry about home. When I was younger I went to Newman Primary School and Newman Senior High School.

My Nanna and Pop used to take us out hunting for bush tucker. I’d help them make a fire and tea. Me and Pop would go out to the swamp area between Newman and Kumarina. Nan, Pop, Mum and Dad would tell funny stories about our family and make me laugh.

I work teaching Cultural Awareness with KJ (Kanyirninpa Jukurrpa, ranger organisation) teaching Cultural Awareness, and help the YMCA with youth programs. I work at Martumili too, helping to sell the paintings and get the canvas ready. With Martumili I travelled too. Gold Coast was my first big trip and [I've been to] Perth, Adelaide and Sydney. 

I'm [also] a Martumili artist. I come to Martumili to paint about my Country, where my grandfather walked around and collected food, and visited the same rockholes I do. I paint to keep my culture and stories and share with others. Sometimes I paint with my nanna Jakayu [Biljabu]. I learn from her a little bit. My skin name is Milangka and Kaalpa (Kalypa, Canning Stock Route Well 23) is my grandfather Country. I was really happy to go see my grandfather's Country- pukurlpa (happy). When I paint I feel like its home. Doing it on the canvas,  feel like I'm standing there back at home."

Corban Clause Williams

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