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This painting is a collaborative work between Ivy Bidu and her partner Leon Cutter. They often collaborate on their paintings in the Newman Martumili studio. Ivy learnt painting from Ngamarru (Bidu) her older sister and aunty Jakayu (Biljabu) giving her some ideas of painting country. Leon learnt to paint in Wiluna by watching artists and family especially his older sister Gorgina Brown

Leon and Ivy often paint their Country East side of Lake Disappointment and North near Wantili and Parnngurr, Gorgina Bore and well 23. They often paint about bush tucker found in these areas like kirti-kirti (hill kangaroo), various species of goanna including parngarra, bush turkey (kipara) and wuukarta (honey ants). Fruits and vegetables also feature, they included jinjiwirrl (seed), quandong, warmula (bush tomato), kakula (bush cucumber) and minyarra (bush onions).

Their paintings represent the physical elements of Martu Country, with many important jukurrpa (dreamtime stories). Which Ivy and Leon learnt from family when they sit down around the waru (campfire).

Name: Leon Cutter

Name: Ivy Bidu

Community: Parnngurr

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