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Bush Tucker

Bush tucker continues to be regularly eaten by Martu people. Martu regularly hunt for marlu (plain kangaroo), kirti-kirti (hill kangaroo), various species of goanna including parngarra, bush turkey (kipara) and camel. Smaller creatures such as wuukarta (honey ants) and lungki (witchety grubs) are a delicacy and are highly sought after. Plant species are also collected as food, and often appear in Martu artwork. Fruits and vegetables gathered included jinjiwirrl (seed), quandong, warmula (bush tomato), kakula (bush cucumber) and minyarra (bush onions).

Name: Marita Lubin

Language: Manyjilyjarra

Community: Punmu


I was born in Port Headland and went to school in Newman then moved here (Punmu).  Working here with children, with KJ.

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