Name: Tamisha Williams

Language: Manyjilyjarra


" I was born in Newman hospital. Mum, Dad, Nanna and Pop lived in Jigalong before, but they moved into town before I was born. I’m one of seven children. I grew up in Newman , living with my mum and dad and my brothers and sisters- this is my home. I did my schooling in Newman at the yellow school [Newman Primary School and Newman Senior High School].

I was staying with my family in Punmu [Aboriginal community] when I was a bit young, with my uncle and aunty. I like to travel but I worry about home.

My Nanna and Pop used to take us out hunting for bush tucker. I’d help them make a fire and tea. Me and Pop would go out to the swamp area between Newman and Kumarina. Nan, Pop, Mum and Dad would tell funny stories about our family and make me laugh.

I started going to Martumili since when Gabe [Gabrielle Sullivan] was working there. Some of my family was painting there- Marianne [Burton] and Jakayu [Biljabu]. I used to come and watch them. I was maybe ten or eleven. I came with my brother Bamba [Corban Clause Williams] and some of the girls like Janita [Angie] and Sarafina [Mintern]. I just started painting, making art and then I started working there around 2014.  I'm still working there now. Sometimes I paint a little bit too, just painting whatever's in my head. I like painting, looking at the old people's painting, and helping the old people."

- Tamisha Williams


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