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Newman Futures- East Newman Project

This painting was created during a workshop on the 18th June with Newman Futures in collaboration with Martumili Artists. The workshop was a way of generating ideas in regards to improving the spaces in and around East Newman from and for Martu. 

May painted an overall streetscape of East Newman. Streets include Nimingarra drive, Knox way and Anka street. May would like to see a lot more greenery and trees in the area. 

Name: May Burton

Language: Manyjilyjarra


May was born in Hedland and grew up Jigalong with her mother and father and sister Marrianne.

"My father (Pukina Burton) learned me for painting, me and my big sister, we learned from our father to do painting"

"I lost my mother In Jigalong and me and my father and Marianne went to Punmu where we start to do painting with Martumili before my father died he tell us to do painting."

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