Name: Peter Bumba


I was born in Broome, and lived in Bidyadanga community all my life. Bidyadanga is 180 kilometres out of Broome on the coast. It was La Grange Mission before. All the families came from the bush. They picked up my parents in Wirnpa when the government was doing long range missile testing in the desert in the 1960’s. My sister is Yuwali- she was separated from our parents and went to Jigalong. My dad was walking out in the desert somewhere. He was blind then, blind from the explosion that he saw. My mum belongs to Joanna Springs area. Everybody walked from Joanna Springs, they walked on to Anna Plains Station and Fraser Downs. From there they went to Bidyadanga, and my family settled there with a lot of other families. They’ve been in Bidyadanga ever since. It was good growing up in Bidyadanga- good fishing and good hunting. It’s a good place by the sea!

My mother is Yikartu Bumba [Martumili Artist]. She’s been painting in Bidyadanga and Punmu, painting for my whole life. I wasn’t interested when I was younger, but I’ve started painting now. I’m now living in Newman, and I want to do more painting. I’ve started working with Martumili Artists now too.

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