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“The circles they the snakes tracks as it travels around. Two ladies walk to Karrku my nanas walk Yirriya to Karrku when that snake that belongs to that place been get up and the two old ladies saw that snake and they left that station scared, water was rising fast.

The snake went all around and went back down to the rock hole in Yirriya. That water is a spring water really clean, there’s a rock there that the water come out from.”

Name: Roxanne Newberry

Community: Punmu



My name is Roaxanne Newberry I'm from Warakurna. I've been painting for a few years now.  I was watching my sister Cynthia Burke and my mother Jorna Newberry paint I'd sometimes help them with their painting.  It gave me some ideas for my painting. I love doing aerial landscapes of my fathers Country.  I was watching Cynthia weave at Tjanpi Desert Weavers then I decided to do my own. When I'm painting or weaving I forget about everything and everyone forget about my worries, it makes me feel like me.

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