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Lake Christopher

“Lake Christopher Is a big lake on the ranges going to Warakurna about 100ks from Community, My fathers Country, all fresh water no salt. 3 rock holes we go there all the time to go hunting for honey ants, turkey, emu, kangaroo everything.  We have happy memories from here”

Name: Roxanne Newberry

Community: Punmu



My name is Roaxanne Newberry I'm from Warakurna. I've been painting for a few years now.  I was watching my sister Cynthia Burke and my mother Jorna Newberry paint I'd sometimes help them with their painting.  It gave me some ideas for my painting. I love doing aerial landscapes of my fathers Country.  I was watching Cynthia weave at Tjanpi Desert Weavers then I decided to do my own. When I'm painting or weaving I forget about everything and everyone forget about my worries, it makes me feel like me.

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