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A ‘bamagora’ is a Burarra word for a traditional woven tent-like structure. A bamagora was woven to create a shelter for a child or adult when sleeping.

Name: Bonnie Burarngarra

Language: Burarra

Community: Maningrida


Bonnie Burangarra belongs to the Burarra / Walamangu people and is a internationally celebrated fibre artist. Bonnie grew up, and continues to live, on her ancestral country at Yilan in the Cape Stewart area. She is a Traditional owner of Yilan as well as Yurrwi (Milingimbi Island).

Bonnie and her husband  Jacky Maranbarra are two of few remaining Master Anguchechiya (fish trap) makers. Examples of their work are held in many public and private collections. Bonnie also makes beautiful gulukurr (bathi or dilly bags) and Bamagral nanmarra (conical mat with functions including wrapping or covering babies, womens skirt or covering for young girls during coming of age ceremony).

Bonnie has the wisdom, strength and gentleness of a women that has spent her entire life living on her homeland with her ancestral culture engrained in her everyday life. Her artwork has been exhibited extensively and Bonnie is represented by both Maningrida Arts and Milingimbi Art and Culture. 

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