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Bongolinjbongolinj style with Man-ngalinj totem

Name: David Brian

Language: Rembarrnga

Community: Maningrida


Balang David Brian is a painter and sculptor. He is Rembarrnga and Kune and lives and works at his outstation Ankabarrbirri. Brian learned under the guidance of his parents, renowned artists Kamarrang Bob Burruwal and Godjan Lena Yarinkura. He specialises in making mako (didjeridu) and more recently bark painting. Whilst Brian has developed his own approach distinct style, the influence of his father and uncle, Les Mirrikkyriya, is evident in his colour palette and designs. Common motifs in his works include yok (bandicoot), man-ngalinj (bush potato), quicksand at Kinoedjanga, barlangu (shark) and wankurr (sacred dilly bag).

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