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 Manjabukudukkurduk refers to a deep black waterhole that has deep spiritual significance as the site where Kuninjku people’s spirit comes into being and returns in death. The artists explains, “When we die our spirit will go back there… so this spirit will live forever, like we are still alive, we’re still living on that country”. It is linked to the Ancestral fish trap, which supports the growth and development of babies. This yirrididja moiety place is a potent site of Djang, Ancestral essence and power, meaning that if it is disturbed Kardbam people become sick and Kunkurra, the destructive cyclonic wind can be activated. Manjabukudukkurduk is also connected to other important songlines of the Kadbam clan estate, including Kalawon (goanna) and Ngalng (yabby).

Name: Kenan Namunjdja

Language: Kuninjku

Community: Maningrida


Kenan Namunjdja is the eldest son of artists Bulanj (1965-2018) and Deborah Yulidjirri.  Trained by his father who was nationally and internationally recognised for his particularly fine rarrk and depiction of the kunkurra (spiralling wind).  His grandfather, Peter Marralwanga (1916-1987), was also a much celebrated bark painter and a leader in the 1970's Outstation movement. Kenan continues this strong legacy, through his exceptionally fine mark-making in depicting the djang of his country, Mankorlod.

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