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Coil Basket

Coiling technique was introduced in the 1920s at Goulburn Island to the Maung people by missionaries and quickly spread to the mainland. Many artists produce coiled baskets of varied shapes, ranging from small round baskets to large oval baby baskets made from dyed pandanus. Artists combine colours and patterns to obtain intricate new graphic patterns.

Name: Helen Lanyinwanga

Language: Kuninjku

Community: Maningrida


Helen Lanyinwanga is a senior textile artist who has been working with Bábbarra Designs since 2008. She often depicts her strong stone country and sacred rock themes in her designs. Helen has a key role mentoring young and emerging artists, and she is mother to leading Bábbarra artists including Jennifer Wurrkidj and Deborah Wurrkidj, and grandmother to Ruth Bindiedbal.

Helen is also an accomplished artist in other mediums, notably basket weavings and prints on paper, for which she is represented by Maningrida Arts & Culture. Her artwork has toured the United States and been exhibited throughout Australia, and her textile art is in the collection of the National Gallery of Australia.

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