Name: Reinhold Inkamala

Language: Western Arrarnta

Community: Ntaria


Reinhold was born in Alice Springs. His mother and father were both from Ntaria (Hermannsburg) and thus Rienhold’s fathers dreaming and his own are Mt. Hermannsburg. 

As a young man Rienhold was an ace AFL football player but an accident resulted in a brain injury that stopped him from playing. Rienhold is married to Cathy (Jennifer) Wirri and has two daughters with her. Watercolour artist Kevin Wirri is his father in law. 

Rienhold taught himself to paint by drawing first. He loves to paint and draw his father’s country. He paints beautiful landscapes with great technique and unusual and interesting uses of colour.

His grandparents the Pareroultja's taught Rienhold to paint when he was a school child using pencils. Artist Ivy Pareroultja is like a mother to Rienhold.

Special Projects:

  • 2014 Public Art, Mural at the Alice Plaza, Alice Springs, NT
  • 2014 Knara Nunaka Tjurretja – Our Big Country: The West MacDonnell Ranges, Highly commented at the 31st Telstra Arts Awards
  • 2015 Tjukurpa Calendar, IAD Press
  • 2016 Parrtjima, Festival of Light, Alice Springs (Illuminated skirt)
  • 2016 Cicada Press print workshop with Tony Albert, UNSW, Sydney
  • 2019 Lumen Prints Workshop with AGNSW, Alice Springs, NT
  • 2019 Cicada Press etching workshop, Sydney, NSW

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