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Stepping Stones

When the world was soft… when everything began… these are the stepping stones as the ancestors walked across the world… long time ago… before we was born… you know… when the world was being made.

Name: Pansy Hicks

Language: Ngarluma

Community: Roebourne


My name is Pansy Hicks. I am a Ngarluma Elder, one of the two remaining traditional owners of the Ngarluma land, the land of the Saltwater people.

I’ve been painting for a long time. I paint about Munni-Munni Hill, that’s over Cheeritha way. It’s got some carvings there too… but that’s a man’s site… I can’t say about that.

That hill looks like a zebra. That’s why we call it Munni-Munni Hill.

I also paint ‘Stepping Stones – When The World Was Soft’. That’s about when our ancestors were here, a long time ago.

I like painting, you know when you’re feeling down or got worries… then painting will help you.

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