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Throughout this country I see the wildflowers grow when the rains come.

Name: Loreen Samson

Language: Ngarluma

Community: Roebourne


My name is Loreen Samson. My language group is Ngarluma. I was born in Roebourne in 1973.

I do art about social justice, about mining and what is around me that hurts me the most. The colours of the land, the trains that go by night and day, the thoughts of our heritage, and the stories of our ancestors.

I paint about the beauty of the land and the markings and body symbols of different tribes and cultures.

I like going out to country, creating artwork from seeing and feeling the land. I paint to express through my artwork so that others can open their eyes to the way I see it.

My artwork is from my heart and the stories that must be told, that’s the way it should be. I try to inspire young people to do art to help them understand and to heal themselves. I want to give them knowledge to understand and respect their land and their culture.

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