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Gurungu (sun) reflecting

The Gurungu (sun) reflecting over Yamaji Country and the rivers

Categories: Yamaji Art

Name: Christine Collard

Language: Wajarri

Community: Mullewa


Christine was born and raised in Mullewa. The daughter of Mrs. Rae Collard (nee Papertalk) and Mr. Gary Collard, and has one sister and four brothers. Christine is a mother of five children and a grandmother of six grandchildren.

Painting under the name Jugarnu meaning ‘old woman’ in Wajarri, which was given by Christine’s now deceased Grandfather. Christine is a member of the Barndi Nyarlu Arts in Mullewa.

She loves to interpret the stories she adopted from her elders through artwork. whilst Christine has only been painting for 16 years she has always had a passion and love for paining.

“I am proud to be given a Wajarri name …” and “… I will paint and carry out my name with pride”

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