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Echidna Mother

My art comes from the Land and the Sea, My mother came from Laura and that was known as freshwater Country, My Fathers County was Sea water, this is where my inspiration comes from for my designs and art.


Name: Joyce Henderson


Yuku Baja Muliku Traditional Owner / Elder

I was born in the old Cooktown Hospital and lived most of my life in the Cooktown area. My father was a stockman so we moved around with him for work. Our early schooling was here in Cooktown and we later stayed at Lakeland and went to school there too. Then we moved from Lakeland to Laura, which is my mother’s country. My father’s country is here at Archer Point and Annan River.

I started painting when I was a teenager for a local community organisation.

I spent many years as a foster carer, raising children and offering emergency accommodation for those living in dangerous home environments.

Due to my duties and responsibilities as a foster parent I didn’t have the time to sit down and paint, however after many years of unemployment I began working for Yuku Baja Muliku as a Ranger and have now been given the opportunity to take up painting again.

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