Name: Dotty Ford


Guugu Yimidhirr / Laura Quinkan Country (Taipan) Buma

I was born in Mareeba in 1975. My Mother’s country is Gagu Darwin and my father’s country is Laura. I have always lived in in North Queensland. When I was a little girl my family moved frequently between Mareeba and Cooktown. Hope Vale and Cooktown is where I studied at high school and I have settled here ever since.

My paintings are inspired by stories from my elder’s past and current experiences. I have not had any formal training in painting and my skills have come from my family and their unique painting styles. I consider my painting style to be a mixture of traditional and contemporary. I like to paint Spirit totems, animals and plants.

I am a mother of six children and I have six grandchildren. These children are now my inspiration in continuing to produce art as a way of telling their ancestor’s stories. 

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