Name: Larissa Hale


Yuku Baja Muliku Traditional Owner / Managing Director

I was born in Mareeba Queensland in 1981, then my family moved to Cape Flattery Silica Mines where my parents both worked for the Mitsubishi Mining Corporation.

I started painting when I was very young with guidance from my Mum Irene Bowyer (nee Doughboy). My Mother is the artist who has inspired me most. We always had our home full of art, and different artists sharing stories. 

I studied visual arts during high school and was awarded Dux of Arts and a scholarship to study further. I continued to paint on commission and for competitions, winning awards in a number of categories. I have always had an interest in art and crafts and have immersed myself in a number of hobbies to keep myself busy outside work. These include painting, doll making, jewellery, cake design and the list goes on.

My paintings come from stories that I was taught as a child or of local bush food and animals in our region. All of these things are a part of me and my family, and by painting them I am sharing them with other people.

I stopped painting due to family and life commitments and I have just recently rekindled the passion to paint and for design.

Now I am married with children and they sometimes sit with me to do their paintings, or craft. My eldest daughter really enjoys painting as well and is always eager to try different techniques.

My family is very large and is from Cape York. My Grandfather was Jack Doughboy from Archer Point, which is just south of Cooktown. My Grandmother was Louisa Banjo from Laura.



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